SMARTS Parent Booster Club

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As parents of North Valley Arts Academy students, we welcome you to the SMARTS Drama Booster Club. We encourage you to become involved in your child’s activities through the booster club with your time, talents and resources. There are always jobs that we need parental assistance for, and even the smallest bit of help shows your students that you support their efforts. We are continuously impressed by the appreciation the NVAA drama students show for any help the program receives.


Please visit our webpage here for more information on how you can help!

As parents we know that teenagers don’t always bring home letters, notices, or other correspondences that are meant for their parents. Therefore, we are making it a priority to communicate with parents through the drama website and emails to inform the parents about upcoming events and needs of the department. We will be working with the students and directors to keep the website current with information regarding dates, items needed and many other items as well.

Once again, we welcome you and invite you to be involved in any way that you can. We, the booster club, our incredible teachers and amazing students appreciate any support you can help provide.