Thank you to everyone who auditioned this week! We had a great turn out, and it was a tough casting process. Congratulations to everyone on their hard work during audition week. If you weren’t cast there are still plenty of ways to be involved in Shadow Mountain HS Drama Club and NVAA. Reach out to Dr. M., Mr. Flowers, or Mr. Boyett about our other productions this school year, and technical/backstage and front of house opportunities for Rock of Ages. 

Rehearsals start Wednesday, Sept. 6th. The entire cast is called for the first week, 2:30-5pm. A more detailed rehearsal schedule will be posted for following weeks soon.

Apologies if anyone’s name is spelled incorrectly, handwriting on audition forms was sometimes hard to read.

Characters Actor
Lonny Barnett Trevar Howell
Drew Boley Joey Sweeney
Dennis Dupree Thomas Judd
Sherrie Christian Aunah Johnson
Sherrie’s Father Cole Chivers
Sherrie’s Mother Jenna Downing
The Mayor Triston Moran
Anita Bath Isabella Johnstone
Hilda Klinemann Deborah Inman
Franz Klinemann Keegan Sinur
Staccee Jaxx Parker Brown
Justice Charlier Ronda Felton
Constance Sack Molly Adams
Ja’Keith Gill Luis MartinezPaz
Joey Primo Quinn Newson
Waitress #1 Annelise Strange
Waitress #2 Alexis Belles
Waitress #3 Olivia Santellanes
Waitress #4 Hope Kochanski
Waitress #5 Jenna Downing
 Dance Captains  Triston Moran and Hope Kochanski
Borbon Room House Band
Karson Sinur
Kimmie Brown
Dylan La Mar
Elijah Addington
Arsenal Band Members  
(Stacee Jaxx’s band)/  
Riot Police Ensemble
Dempsey Rowe
Aidan Fay
Fausto Corral
Cole Chivers
Jonah Justin
Street/Protestor Ensemble
Protestor #1/Venus Dancer Shelby Boyd
Protestor #2/Venus Dancer Jade Crepeau
Protestor #3/Venus Dancer Jeanet Brezilien
Protestor #4/Venus Dancer Chenoa Covington
Sleazy Record Producer Daniel Pettet
Sleazier Record Producer Arsen Nalbantian
Film Producer Ian Brock
Rockers Emily Frye and Sophia Jacoby
Mugger Jaron Kitchel
Woman in Sequin Dress Amaya Munoz