Little Mermaid Cast Page


FULL CALENDAR (Subject to Change)

Dance Videos Available here

Rehearsals are extended to 8pm this week!

Week of Oct 25th
Oct. 25-29th M-F 2:30-8pm
Dinners provided 
Sat. Oct. 30th 9am-1pm
DANCE REVIEW – ALL CALL, Parent/Family Potluck and Sneak Preview @ 11am

Week of Nov. 1st
Nov. 1-3rd 2:30-8pm
Dinners provided

Thurs. Nov. 4th Student matinees
Call @ 7am
Students miss class, lunch provided
Thurs. Nov. 4th – Call @ 5pm, 7pm show
Fri. Nov. 5th – Call @ 5pm, 7pm show
Sat. Nov. 6th Matinee
Call @12 pm, 2pm show
Lunch provided after show
Call @5pm, 7pm show

Mon. Nov. 8th – ALL CALL
Strike set
2:30 – done


ARIELKarson Sinur, US Sophie Bell
PILOTJaziel Gonzalez, US Brandon Inman
PRINCE ERICElijah Addington, US Ethan Doyle
GRIMSBYDarius Gharavi, US Paula Kimbrell
FLOUNDERCamryn Sinnwell, US Glenn Nicola
SCUTTLELyda Armistead, US Audrey Valentine
WINDWARDPaula Kimbrell
LEEWARDNicole Moten
TRITONCaleb Cole, US Jaziel Gonzalez
SEBASTIANKayla Trevino, US William Miller
AQUATAGabby Mitchell
ANDRINASophie Bell
ARISTAMarissa Larson
ATINAIsabella Jubb
ADELLAMorgan Heinlein
ALLANAAudrey Valentine
FLOTSAMAnde Strawbridge, US Bug Heinlein
JETSAMVi Garza, US Paige Steffen
URSULATabi Momeyer, US Ande Strawbridge
CHEF LOUISEthan Doyle, US Morgan Heinlein
SAILORS* (may also be in other chorus numbers as other characters)Ethan Doyle, Glenn Nicola, William Miller, Miller Kass, Peter Cvancara, Brendan Inman, Caleb Coronado, Carlos MartinezPaz, Hayden Stofferhan, Kyle Cole
GULLS* (may also be in other chorus numbers as other characters)Brooke Hernandez, GG (Grier) Watson, Bug Heinlein, Paige Steffen, Audrey Valentine, Joanne Barnes
HS CHORUS – MAIDS, CHEFS, PRNCESSES, SEA CREATURESIsabel Sparks, Serenity Furse, Sloan Clark, Avah Montgomery, Mallory Brown, Shea Lord, Nyx Jones, Addie Mattox, Lauren Shniderman, Abby Richardson, Elizabeth Yip, Abigail Melendez, Grace O’Steen
DCES/SHEA CHORUS – SEA CREATURESEmma Cole, Amelia Joyce, Aiden Tinsley, Jaelyn Rivera, Arianna Murphy, Madison Hendricks, Bonnie Pallante, Laurel Acken, Elise Mitchell, Olivia Knoblouch, Elle McCarville, Siera Williams, Hannah Blakey, Kieran Horacek, Eliana Sartori, Julieta Gonzalez


Rehearsals and Show Dates:

Rehearsals will be held on the following dates. Students who are auditioning need to share their conflicts for these dates on their audition form. Any conflicts that are not listed on the audition sheet, could result in re-casting. Any conflicts that occur after auditions must be shared with Dr. M two weeks prior, so that rehearsals can be planned accordingly. Students must be available during all tech week rehearsals to be cast.

Rehearsal Dates: 

M-F Sept 8th – Oct. 15th, 2021 2:30-5:30pm (3pm for 5th-8th)

Saturday Dance Rehearsals: 9am-1pm

Sept 11

Sept 25

Oct 2 

Oct 16

Oct 23

Oct 30 

Tech Week Rehearsals: 

M-F Oct. 18th – Nov. 3rd, 2021 2:30-8pm (3pm for 5th-8th)

Show Dates: 

School Matinee (students will miss all classes this day for these performances) – Thurs. Nov 4th

Evening Performances

Nov 4th, 5th, 6th, 2021 – 5pm call, 7pm show

Saturday Nov 6th  Matinee 12pm call, 2pm show*

*Meal will be provided for cast and crew between shows on Nov 6th

COVID safety precautions

All district rehearsal guidelines will be followed. Masks will be required during rehearsals (unless parents opt-out), and all actors and technicians will be required to fill out a COVID release form.